About SCE Telecom

SCE Telecom has engaged in complete Low Voltage installs from Audio Systems to Wireless Antenna installs and all the gear in between. Covering a wide service area with satellite offices in the greater Vancouver area and the Fraser Valley has allowed us to provide high end installs and service without the top rate pricing. We have quickly become a recognized source for all System business and residential needs under one umbrella. Builders have grown to enjoy one group that has the experience and knowledge to tackle all the client needs from top to bottom. The need to have your Audio System, Cabling System, Phone System, Wireless System and all Security Systems done with one well known installation group is a key driving force. SCE Telecom will provide your business or residence with total solutions that work. All these system layers can not only be installed, but serviced with one call to the same team that designed, drafted and implemented them. We have partnered with many global manufactures to enhance our engineered designs and installations. Our success has been fueled by that global influence accompanied by our drive for technical knowledge and experience. We owe most of our successes to our valued group and all their efforts.

Our mission statement:

“SCE Telecom takes pride in our industry leading installations, commissioning and customer orientations. Top to bottom and front to back, we bring knowledge and drive.”


“And we will help steer the drive at industry knowledge.”